Pegasus Inventory Management System (PIMS)

Kan-Ban (2-BIN) Module and Pegasus Inventory Management System

The Pegasus Kan-Ban (2-Bin) Inventory System Is A Strategic Concept Comprised Of High Density Basket Storage & Simple To Use Barcode Scanners or RFID buttons & State of the Art Cloud-Based Software


  • Baskets are divided in half so that the front half is identical to the back half
  • Basket compartments have their own unique location barcode which is matched to an item in the database
  • Par levels are determined & properly set to match restocking schedules & are split between matching front & rear basket compartments
  • Supply techs only look for and scan the empty compartments Supply Techs scan, pick & restock up to 70% fewer items on a daily basis
  • If the front compartment is empty,┬ánursing will always have supplies in the rear compartment
  • Wireless (WiFi) enabled scanners make it possible to have one person scanning & multiple people restocking supplies at the same time

pimsreporting Robust Management and Reporting Any Time, Any Place

Linea Pro Scanners PIMS Leverages the Simplicity of Today’s Handheld Technology

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing We Use Proven Technology so PIMS is Always Available