Wood Cabinets

Pegasus supply cabinets come in various styles. We offer cabinets with roller shutters, solid wood doors and glass doors.
  • Provides the efficiency of our high density basket storage system within a dust free environment.
  • Baskets can be divided every 2 inches. Compartments can be made to fit the exact size and quantity of the supplies being stored.
  • Baskets can be angled so the those at the higher levels can still be fully accessed.
  • Safety stops are provided to prevent the accidental removal of baskets.
  • More cost effective then other similar systems available.
Supply cabinets make use of our standard basket storage system provide high density storage in a dust free environment.

Sizes Available:

  • Full Height: (82″) 210cm tall.
  • Upper Wall Mounted: (30.5″) 77.5cm tall.
  • Base Cabinet: (34.5″) 87.5cm tall without counter top, (36″) 91.5cm with a counter top
Widths and Depths:
  • E Style: (26″ x 18″) 65cm x 46cm

Shown below with aluminum glass doors
U Style (18″ x 26″) 46cm x 66cm

Shown below with roller shutter door